Back to School… For the First Time.

What are the skills your preschooler will need at school? And how can you make learning them fun? Teaching preschoolers independence, and providing them with a few key skills will make for an easy transition into kindergarten.


Palaeontology week

We wanted to give the summer a high point and our kids LOVE Dinos. We put together a week of activities, crafts, and food all on the theme of Palaeontology and dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Activities

Dinosaur Research We started our week with a trip to the library. ¬†Everyone picked out a dinosaur and a book to match. We read dinosaur stories, did dinosaur research and learned about how palaeontologists, find, identify and care for dinosaur bones. Here are some titles the kids liked: Fossils Palaeontology club t-shirts Next we made…


Pirate week

We had lots of rain predicted for this week so we decided to go with a wet theme of sorts: PIRATES


Park Treasure Hunt

With a piece of Muslin or old tea towel and a black sharpie create a simple map of your favourite park.


Happy Canada Day

Toronto’s pools opened this week and the city now offers an interactive locator map of Splash Pads, Wadding Pools, and Swimming Pools. You can find it here.


Why do home visits?

Why do an in-person interview and home visit with a new potential client family? Isn’t a phone interview enough?