Palaeontology week


We wanted to give the summer a high point and our kids LOVE Dinos. We put together a week of activities, crafts, and food all on the theme of Palaeontology and dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Research
We started our week with a trip to the library.  Everyone picked out a dinosaur and a book to match. We read dinosaur stories, did dinosaur research and learned about how palaeontologists, find, identify and care for dinosaur bones.

Palaeontology club t-shirts
Learn more about DIY custom tshirt making.

Build your own palaeontology kit:
Everything a young palaeontologist needs to find and excavate dinosaurs.

Dinosaur egg hunt & picnic:
For Ideas on how to make your own dino egg hunt and picnic.

Dinosaur fossils:
Practice palaeontology skills and learn about dinosaur features while kids reveal their miniature dinosaur fossils.

Dinosaur Footprint Craft
With an assortment of plastic dinosaurs we set the kids loose with paint and construction paper.

Meat Eaters vs. Plant eaters
A chasing game to run off some energy.

The Grand Finale to Palaeontology: The Dinosaur Dig
Bury some bones in your sandbox,  at the beach, or local park. rope off as a dig site and let the kids unearth the bones.

Dino fossil cookies
No week would be complete without themed cookies; we used some fancy cutters. Find the recipe for Fresh Ginger Lemon cookies here.





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