Pirate week

We had lots of rain predicted for this week so we decided to go with a wet theme of sorts: Pirates.

We needed activities that could be moved indoors and survive getting wet in case of a sudden down pour.

Recycle Flotilla
Dive into your recycling bin for supplies to create boats.

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A perfect rainy day craft, once built find a puddle and test out your creation. On a sunny day a wading pool works just as well.

Treasure hunt
Map your favorite park with paper or fabric. see details
We also made paper pirate hats and eye patches so we could hunt in character.

Eye Spy
Imagine your in the crows nest watching for land what else does your preschooler see?
My group built a ship out of cushions and blankets and then took turns sitting in the (laundry basket) crows nest.

Hurricane bottle
The seas can be rough. Explore the science of vortexes with this simple craft. Make your own with directions from

Pirate bread
A play on Turtle bread but this week we made edible skulls & crossbones. recipe

Pirate Cookies
Gingerbread people cut outs with added hats , made using triangle and half circle cutouts & decorated with eye patches, striped pants and we even had a skeleton cookie cutter. (We took our inspiration from here: http://matttavaresbooks.blogspot.ca/2011/12/new-batch-of-gingerbread-pirates.html?m=1
and here: http://yvonnebyattsfamilyfun.blogspot.ca/2011/11/gingerbread-men-cookie-cutter.html?m=1)

Activity Sheets
I also downloaded some work sheets and activities for rainy days here: RoyalBaloo.com


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