Why do home visits?

Why do an in-person interview and home visit with a new potential client family? Isn’t  a phone interview enough?

The short answer is, “No.” Although you can get a great sense of a family and their child care needs over the phone or with a quick chat at your local kid friendly space, at Toronto WEIDA we have found that an in home visit and interview (that include the child(ren) can save everyone a lot of time.

Visits and interviews are an important part of the process of finding new client families.
As caregivers it is important that the children and their families we work with feel confident and positive about their choice of care, and the space where their children will be spending their time away from home.
There should be a good fit between the child’s personality, their family’s values, and your own child care philosophy.
It will save you and potential client families a lot of time if you are forthright about the kind of care you provide–Before  meeting with a family you should already have thought about some of the most commonly asked questions, hopefully you will have already provided parents with information about: the number of children in your care; how you spend your days; a sample menu; your rates and fees; your hours, holidays, and closures; how you handle behavioural challenges; safety & illness protocals; education & development; outdoor play; potty training;  and nap time.

Your expectations and objectives for care should be aligned and the home visit/interview should be an opportunity for you to get to know the child and their family.

See our business resources page for some of our most Frequently Asked Questions and some answers that have worked for us.



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